Problem with Analytics - don't start automatically


Hi, I have a problem with Analytics defined in my project Claradomus. I defined 2 custom Analytics, I did a test trying to trigger them automatically, but I had new entries in :


The system seems to call other Analytics that I don’t know where are defined. If I set in TenantConfig the name of the 2 Analytics that I implemented:

TenantConfig.merge({id:“ACE-AnalyticGroups”, jsonValue:{
“All”: [“ConsumptionOnTheoreticalFacilityAlert”,“BilledConsumptionOnTheoreticalFacilityAlert”]

I saw that my Analytics start automatically (works!). I want to know if there is another way to solve the problem (for example cleaning the environment) or, if there isn’t another way, I would know if there are other implications with this configuration. The ACE-AnalyticGroups is related only to the activation/disactivation of the Analytics?



AnalyticsContainer.sourceAnalytics() gives the list of analytics in your tag…
Yes, with that TenantConfig, other analytics will/may not execute.


Hi Pavan, thanks. Executing the command


I saw few analytics. In the AnalyticsQueue errors I saw other Analytics that are not listed in my sourceAnalytics but that send the execution of my analytics in error…do you know how is possible?


Are those AnalyticListenerType entries… Are they defined in Customer package or Base package.