Posting data to the platform


When I try to upload the csv data using the following command the server is not responding back…

I know Cygwin curl works properly as I can fetch other websites using this command.

  1. Cd to path to CSV files
  2. Issue curl command to push CSV files up…

*curl -v -H "Content-Type: text/csv" -X PUT --data-binary *

*@SmartBulbMeasurement.csv *

* *

-u ‘emailaddress’ -p

(I get prompt for password, but no response)

Some suggestions for Window machines:

The capstone project documentation is written for machines that have curl command available.

I am using a windows pc with Cygwin. Maybe you should refer to Windows based machines also…

It would be better to be able to upload the CSV data through same portal as the c3type file upload process without having to go thru the separate CSV upload process (prob architected differently for a reason on you end :blush:)



It appears like your ‘Transform’ type is either defined wrongly or not defined.

For example,
“c3ShowType(TransformCanonicalSmartBulbMeasurementToSmartBulbMeasurement)” could show you the Transform - but the result says this is undefined.

In case you did write the transform c3typ correctly, it’s possible that the step of provisioning to the C3 Platform did not finish complete. Maybe you could try to check your type definition and provision it again to the C3 Platform?

Thank you.



check that the canonical transform file has been properly saved with the .c3typ extension. it could happen that on windows machine the file is saved as txt and in the provisioning it is ignored