Passing Data in PUT Calls


I have this type and function

entity type Flags schema name "FLAGS" {
  setFlagsV1: function(parameters: [json]): json js server

and right now, the function setFlagsV1 is defined as:

function setFlagsV1(parameters){
return parameters;

if I use the input:

  "parameters": [{
    "id": "123"

I can call the url: https://tennant-url/api/1/TennatName/TagName/flags/v1/setFlags

with a post call and I get the expected output\

    "id": "123"

but, when I try to do a put call on the same url, I get:


How do you do pass data using a put call into a function?


I don’t know but are you building a feature flagging tool? Tell me about it!


Yea, we are building an api that can write data. Anytime this api is called, an event would be created and some flags would be set. I talked with our internal team and they mentioned that it makes sets to use a PUT call as the API call because from the user perspective they are modifying some flags.


see the in-depth document: ‘rest-binding’