Not allowed to define id on a cassandra db with partitionKeyField?


How can I be allowed to build my own ids on a cassandra db with partitionKeyField ?
I want to use these id as a foreign key in another postgre db so I need to have a certain level of control on it, at least putting a chosen suffix rather than random content.


At this time we do not support customers setting id fields on Cassandra-based types. The platform will set the id field based on the partition key and other parameters.

From your description, is there a reason why you cannot define a reference field on the type? The reference field can act as a foreign key to a Postgres-based type. For example:

@db(compactType=true, datastore=‘cassandra’, partitionKeyField=‘partitionField’, persistenceOrder=‘start’, shortIdReservationRange=100000)
entity type MyTSType schema name ‘MYTYP’ {

partitionField: ParentType
refField: RefType