No result when calling PhysicalMeasurementSeries.normalize


Calling PhysicalMeasurementSeries.normalize seems to not work and receives an HTTP 200 OK with empty content.

var pms = PhysicalMeasurementSeries.get('FRSOL.SS001.WT001_active_power');
var result = PhysicalMeasurementSeries.normalize(pms, DateTime('2017-01-01'), DateTime('2017-01-30'), 'FIVE_MINUTE', false);

PS: this problem is visible in v7.8 but is working as expected on 7.6


@NabilKoroghli please see documentation for Normalize function. It is meant as an in memory normalization api without persisting any data. See api normalizeTimeseries, I believe that is the one that you need.

If you do care about normalizing in memory without persisting then this sounds like a bug and a service ticket should be created with the team along with steps to reproduce.


Thanks for the prompt answer Rohit.
I will open a ticket then. I was looking for the in memory mode.


@NabilKoroghli before you open a ticket can you try the command without the date parameters? My guess is incremental normalization for in memory mode is not supported. Let me know if that works


@rohit.sureka Unfortunantly I get the same result (empty HTTP 200) when calling:
I will try to list reproducible steps before opening a ticket.