New queue ChangeLogQueue


I have seen a new Queue in the InvalidationQueue called ChangeLogQueue.

The documentation explains that it is an invalidation queue for generic invalidation of data changes.
Does that mean that before we were not queueing data changes? Will it change something compared to before?


do we have more details about the role of this queue? In case of an initial data loading or file Import with AsyncProcessingDisabled = true - then in a tag rebuild is needed to set something in the tagrebuildspec related to tasks processed by this queue?


This is a change in the way we invalidate calc fields, metric dependencies and acls. There was an issue where a race condition would cause some stored calc fields to not be refreshed properly. In order to solve that, changes that require stored calc, metric dependency or acl invalidation are now put in the ChangeLogQueue. When the ChangeLogQueue is processed, it puts entries into one of the other queues depending on what the change is. There is no difference w.r.t Tag.rebuild, etc.