Name pattern for Transform's


I’m curious whether there is a required pattern for naming Transform types?

I understand that typically a Transform type is named by this pattern:

type TransformCanonicalSomeTypeNameToSomeTypeName mixes SomeTypeName transforms CanonicalSomeTypeName {

This pattern is descriptive, and clearly demonstrates to the reader what types are involved. But searching the forum I’ve found Transforms with names that do not follow this pattern. Is the pattern required by the platform?

For example in the Spring platform there’s lots of cases where method or class names have to follow a given pattern, and the platform studies those names to determine what to do.


No, the pattern is just a convention, but is highly recommended due to the large number of types (including just the platform types). A naming pattern is not required by the platform because of this metadata snippet:
mixes SomeTypeName transforms CanonicalSomeTypeName, which contains all the information needed to process transforms.


Thank you very much, this is helpful