My data flow events in 2009 do not trigger automatically


My data flow events in 2009 do not trigger automatically, but I check I have data and my test is passing. What is wrong?


What is ACE and how is it usually used?

You should check the TenantConfig: "ACE-StartOfTime"
It corresponds to the earliest time for Analytics Container Engine computations in days compared to today’s date.

e.g if the value is -1095 it means that you will never go back more 3 years in the past to refresh analytics.
You can merge a different value based on your data and requirements.

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Does this put a restriction of how many days in the past can be used in the Analytics calculation? For example. AnalyticsA looks back 30 days to calculate the current result. But if I set the ACE-StartOfTime = -2, will this force the Analytic to look at 2 days of historical data?



ACE-StartOfTime will not affect the period in DFEs.

In your example, if the period is 30 days and the ACE-StartOfTime is -2.
When the metric is invalidated at t-3, nothing will happen.
When the metric is invalidated at t-2, DFE will be triggered and each input will still have 30 days of data.



Thanks @jinyanliu. Just to be absolutely clear, this TenantConfig doesn’t effect the datapoint date range used within the Analytic. I.e. start and end time period within the Analytic still can be any date time period.



@Wilbur You are correct, the start and end time period is not affected by ACE-StartOfTime.



ACE-StartOfTime. and ACE-EndOfTime do affect the timerange evaluated . They define the boundaries. see documentation on type {AnalyticContainer}