Missing queueNames in InvalidationQueueError


Hello Everyone,

I’m using the following command to get all the elements that have been registered yesterday (invalidatedAt < now() - period(1, ‘DAY’)) and still pending in the queues after the last hour (timestamp > now() - period(1, ‘HOUR’)).

c3Grid(InvalidationQueueError.fetch({ filter: "timestamp > now() - period(1, 'HOUR') && invalidatedAt < now() - period(1, 'DAY')"}))

The problem is that in the results we only have the queueTypeId and we would like to show the queue name as well.

Is there another way to do this ? Otherwise, is there another c3Type to JOIN with and get the Queues Names by their Ids ?

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.



You can get the type id of the queue on your tag using Tag.getTypeId, e.g.:

Tag.getTypeId('', 'AnalyticsQueue')


Thank you Bachir, we can use Tag.getTypeNameFromId as well