Migrating UI from 7.6 to 7.8


We are trying to upgrade Energy Management from 7.6 to 7.8, I’m able to provision but the UI seems broken, I’ve a white page.
On the console, there is no errors but a bunch of warnings like the following:

UIUtil.js:99 Type with name UIDataUiComponentMenuSideSubMenu was not found.  Please ensure the type exists.
UIViewPage.js:1231 The method undefined cannot be found. Skipping adding this behavior.
UIUtil.js:99 Type with name Enterprise.MapComponent was not found.  Please ensure the type exists.
UIUtil.js:99 Template c3ui.MetricsHistogram was not found for template engine c3ml. Please ensure the template exists.

What are the things that I should be looking at that could have been broken due to this migration?


In version 7.8, all the UI components were refactored as C3 Types, so your project will have to undergo a migration. There is a type called UIMigrator that is available in version 7.7 only to assist with this process, and there is also a CI pipeline available internally to assist with this as well—please reach out internally for more details on the CI pipeline.