Mapping element kendo grid


I have a kendogrid. The fetch method returns values. I want map these values into other elements.

  • fetch return for the field “fieldname” value “fieldvalue”.
    -I want use a new element that has as value the “fieldname” value.
    Is there a way to resolve it? And, if it exists, how do filters and sort behave?


Is the fieldname being used as the value in the column? If so, what does the entire column then represent?

Could you maybe provide an example response and what you’d like the kendo to show?



In the KendoGrid I have the column :

 "label": "{~Enterprise.SensorsListView.facilityDynamicTree~}",
 "field": "servicePoint.facility.buildingNameAnswer",
 "format": "titleize",
 "align": "left",
 "sortable": true,
 "id": "facilityName"

I want assign value of this field to a new element (ex: a = field).

Is it clear as example?

Or, does a method exist that, when I do the fetch, it allows me to assign to a new element the field value(referred to example above : servicePoint.fetch(a = field))?


I’m not sure what “a” is representing. What do you mean by “element”? An HTML element? Something like…

servicePoint.facility.buildingNameAnswer ?