Map: iconConfiguration combined with marker Color based on data


“iconConfiguration”: {
“path”: 0,
“strokeColor”: “#000000”,
“strokeWeight”: 1,
“strokeOpacity”: 0.5,
“fillColor”: “#333333”,
“fillOpacity”: 0.2,
“scale”: 5

I am using a fillColor and strokeColor that is fixed right now, and I would rather have this based on the data.
So for example, some circles would be yellow, some green, and some red based on a data attribute or range.

Before I wanted fillOpacity, I was using a different mechanism to color the dots that was based on data, but I assume these two are incompatible or one would take priority. It would be great if they are multiplied together to get the final color. Then I could set the opacity in one, and the color in the other.


Fill color can be set dynamically based on your data via the markerColors config field. Stroke color is not dynamically configurable at this time.