Manual reset of password and user causes loss of app access to stage


One of the customer’s users forgot their password, so I issued a command UserAdmin.resetOktaPassword(‘email_address’). No problems there, email was sent successfully with the password reset hyperlink.

However, Okta then asked them a reminder question which the user never remembers setting up (something like favourite actor), but the user cannot remember it. Tried three times and user was locked out.

What can I do to avoid having to remove the user and recreate them, that will satisfy Okta’s questioning requirements?


So I can access prod just not stage after the reset
Who is admin?


I clicked the “contact your administrator” link and sent the request with the link for access to stage.
Who at C3 manages this?


Theoretically, I do @Aaron_Butler


In this case, you need to create a JIRA ticket for Operations and request the Okta Temporary Password.
Ones you get it, log in to your Okta account (see the URL you are being redirected to when trying to reach the c3 environment), create your new Okta PW and configure your PW recovery questions/answers.
Log out from Okta and try to login to the environment that you were trying to reach.
Good Luck.