Loading Zipped Folder of Files

I have many small files to load. Is there a way curl the zipped directory and have it unzipped on the server for processing?

what does this do

File.make(<zip file url>).readObjs({serType: <serType>})

Does this return the objs you need?

curl -v -H "Content-Encoding:zip" -X PUT --data-binary @myFile.zip https://myEnv/file/1/myTenant/myTag/mySource/myFile.zip

File.make('myFilePath').readObjs({serType: "myType"})

"Error: Unsupported content type for serialization: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    at new C3.client.ActionError (https://myEnv/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:1130:13)
    at Object.request (https://myEnv/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:882:15)
    at Object.call (https://myEnv/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:567:27)
    at c3Call (https://myEnv/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:100:20)
    at Object._call (https://myEnv/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:2764:20)
    at Object.eval (eval at get (https://myEnv/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:3267:20), <anonymous>:5:22)
    at <anonymous>:1:73"

It usually use

-H "Content-Type: text/csv" -H "Content-Encoding: gzip"

I don’t think you can gzip a directory.

@garrynigel how would it work for ZIP? Unlike gzip, it has internal file\folder structure and can contain multiple files (which is what Sean is trying to accomplish). Do you expect the platform to serialize all the files sequentially? That sounds like a mess…

To do this cleanly, it seems like we would need to treat each archive as a mini-filesystem with ZipFile.listFiles() or something like that… Not something we currently have.

@yaroslav I think it is like that today, we have an implementation of ZipFileSystem, which is its own mini file system I was just thinking in terms of streamlining and making it more cleaner in terms of the interface and apis to call on files and use. Hence a ticket has been created to brainstorm on it.