Linking to Documentation Articles


Is it possible to link to a Documentation In-Depth Article from a .c3doc file?

For example, in a commented block of code in a .c3typ or .c3doc file, I can link to the documentation of another type by referencing the following in my comment: {@link TypeName}

Is there a way to do this to link to a Tutorial Article?


Yes. Please see the documentation topic: “authoring documentation”. In particular, this section on linking:

Links and Images

Regular links in topic documentation can use Markdown link syntax. For example:


produces the normal web link Markdown.

For links to C3 types and topics, one can use Markdown-style links: [](DocumentationSearcher) or J*Doc style link syntax: {@link DocumentationSearcher}. Both will render as: DocumentationSearcher. Topics are similar, with the link specifying the file name: [](documentation-features.c3doc).

Image files may be placed along with the documentation, typically in an img sub-directory. These are referenced in topics through the normal Markdown image syntax: ![DocumentationSearcher rendered](img/documentation-searcher.png).


Thanks @rileysiebel

FYI, the file name of the piece of documentation you wish to link to can be found by taking the url address of the documentation:

https://<environment_url>/api/1/ TENANT / TAG /documentation/topic/documentation-features

grabbing the final suffix (in bold above), and adding *.c3doc to it. --Thereby arriving at Riley’s example: [](documentation-features.c3doc).