Link between record and page with details


In the user interface I created, besides the dashboard, I am trying to design a second page with record details. The dashboard contains a Kendogrid with a list of different records.
What I want to achieve is that by pressing on a record’s id, the user is redirected to the second page displaying details about the clicked record specifically.


“columns”: [

“link”: “…”

I was able to make the record’s id clickable and I am redirected to the second page. However, to display the details related to the record I clicked on, I need to manually filter for it. Indeed, there is no link between the second page and the specific record I chose to click on. Thus, this solution is not very helpful for my purposes.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks


In your page component, you can set the data source for the page using something along the lines of

"data": {
        "record": {
            "c3type": "YourType",
            "responseSelector": "objs",
            "responseTransform": {
                "firstItem": true
            "c3arguments": {
                "spec": {
                    "filter": "id =='{{ }}'",
                    "include": "[id, field1, field2 ]"

Just set YourType to be the type and then {{ }} will be populated from the ID you clicked on in the dashboard.

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