Limit for intersects in fetch filter


Which is the max number of values can be put in the “intersects” for filtering?


In the past I have hit errors, when the length of the filter (number of characters) was greater than 4000, which I believe is the limit of a string that goes to SQL in C3.

c3ShowType(Str) shows:

Strings stored in the SQL databases can come in several flavors:

string is stored in a varchar or text column of 512 characters
long string is stored in a varchar or text of 4000 characters
clob is stored as text of arbitrary length
Strings stored in NoSQL databases are always arbitrary length.

Strings should not be used to store binary data because not all possible binary values are legal strings in most encodings. Use binary instead.```
Not able to update long string

Just checked if your filter is greater than 4000 you get
Error: Attempt to insert/update a value of length xxxx for field Unknown with column length 4000


This is a problem for MapReduce jobs, as they only use the filter string field to extract the objs to be passed to map()!


If you find yourself in a situation where you actually need more than 4000 characters in a filter, you probably would be better off creating a flag on your source object and filter on that flag.