KendoGrid groupable configuration issue


Hi everyone,
I’m trying to change the labels appearing on the top of a “groupable” KendoGrid.
Actually I see something like “C3Data_Description” for a field named description.
The KendoGrid docs says that this label is the “title” property of the relative column or the evaluation of “groupHeaderTemplate” property.

By now groupHeaderTemplate is not supported or not working: setting this property seems to have no effect.

Playing with the javascript console I stated that in the “createKendoColumnTemplates” the code does exactly what I’m willing to do. In fact the code sets “title” property with the “label” property but In the end of minified function the is the “title = null” expression.

Is there a particular reason for this behaviour?

In the same contextis there a way to translate label saying
“Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column” ?

Thanks in advance