JMSDataLoadQueue vs DataLoadQueue


What is the difference between JMSDataLoadQueue and DataLoadQueue?



They are the same, JMSDataLoadQueue is the newer version and is the one you should be using.



@kaviarasan.selvam DataLoadQueue is new and currently being used for indexing normalization data stored in FileData types.
JmsDataLoadQueue is used to coordinate with an external JMS service to manage and process chunks messages for dataloading. It is currently used by data integration, where huge files after being chunked are placed in JMS, so that they can be processed in parallel.
Plan is to move chunking framework for Data Integration to DataLoadQueue, and use JMS as an additional option in the Queue framework to do data-loading where customers can directly publish to JMS and we subscribe to the external service queues.

So moving forward for DataIntegration DataLoadQueue will be used for chunking.
JmsDataLoadQueue should be renamed to just JmsQueue and pulled into the CloudQueue framework.



@bachr it is the other way around actually :smiley:

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@garrynigel Well to be completely precise, DataLoadQueue did exist before JmsDataLoadQueue :slight_smile: Then we stopped using it, and now it is being repurposed for indexing.

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