Jasmine Tests for Source->Entity


I’m trying to test changes in Jasmine Tests.

We have a type:

type SourceA mixes Source {

A : string


type TransformSourceAToB mixes B transforms SourceA {

id: ~ expression "A"

T: ~ expression "A"


We’re testing using TestApi to check variable a=SourceA.transformCanonical({A:A, {targetType: “B”})}).objs

But I’m not sure how to check for changes if entity B updated T - similar to a .merge. It seems the only way I can test it is by checking/overwriting the variable.


If you’re looking to test canonical transform functionality there is different kind of tests for this which uses CanonicalTestRunner. Canonical tests allow you to test both initial and incremental loads to check updated values of target types.

See http://<vanity-url>/api/1/<tenant>/<tag>/documentation/topic/canonical-tests for more details (or click:

Help > Documentation > Topics > "Topic Data Load Canonical Tests"