Issue converting pandas dataframe to c3 timeseries object



I would like to convert this below pandas dataframe to a c3 timeseries object so I can use the iplot function.

I referred back to some of the training notebooks (Lecture 2: Metrics) and there was a function called c3.from_DataFrame(df, ‘D’) but that method doesn’t exist on the c3 object so I tried tsu.from_DataFrame(dfs_pivot_plot_temp, ‘D’) but that threw this error:

Am I even doing this correctly? Should I be converting it into a c3 timeseries object through another method?

Version of the pyc3 library on our DS Notebook server is v7.6.5



This is related to an issue in this version of the pyc3 library and will be fixed in a future version.


This should now be fixed in pyc3 7.7.4 , which was just released today.