Is there any way to assign different Users or AdminGroups their own default application landing page?


As far as I have seen, we specify the default landing page at the package level of an application in the source code. I am wondering if the following is possible:

If a User has both ApplicationAdminGroup (that allows them Analyst permissions on a given application) and ToolsUser AdminGroup (that grants then access to the Platform Tools), they are normally directed to the application dashboard. Is there a way to have their platform landing page default to the Platform Tools Dashboard?

If so, where can this be configured?


you can create a blank page with the render and show trigger action and also a landing page for each adminGroup

Your page

ui module DeveloperAdmin {
    page SplashPage {
        "url": "dashboardRedirect",
        "name": "SplashPage",
        "title": "Landing Page",
        "template": "BlankPage",
        "cache": false,
        "behavior": [
                "trigger": ["render", "show"],
                "action": {
                  "type": "DeveloperAdmin.RedirectToDashboard"

your action

C3.define("C3.action.DeveloperAdmin.RedirectToDashboard", {
    extend: "C3.action.Action",

    dispatch: function(component, args) {
        // put your logic here to determine where to redirect the user to
        // you can use the codes below to get the groups the current user belongs to
        var groups = this.get("environment.session.user").getData("groups");

        new C3.action.Redirect({
          url: "your_user_landing_url",
          environment: this.get('environment')