Is there an async way to call createBatch/upsertBatch/mergeBatch?


I have 100s of MBs of data in csv/JSON files that I pulled from one environment and want to load it into another environment. This data is in ‘Type’ format, eg Measurement, and not ‘Canonical’ format, eg CanonicalMeasurement.

Is there a way to async push this data (via createBatch/upsertBatch/mergeBatch) to the new env? Or are my options, synchronous createBatch/upsertBatch/mergeBatch or transform the data to Canonical format and then load via C3 Integrator?



You could look into ActionQueue.submitAction, which allows you call an action asynchronously. I’m not sure about passing the data from a file though.

If you still run into slowness due to synchronous upload, maybe you can invoke curl as a background process?