Is there a way to pursue with EvalMetrics when it fails on some IDs


I evaluate two metrics on a set of BillingAccounts.
Knowing that the list of IDs will be treated the same way without interfering (Embarrassingly parallel problem) . I would like not to crush when one metric crushes on one ID, ang get the results of successful IDs results.
EvalMetric instead of EvalMetrics is no option, as number of IDs is relatively big for execution everyday.

The error recieved has to do with not properly normalized timeseries:

EvalMetrics error MetricEngine error : Error DataLoaderImpl Error : Call to fetchNormalizedData failed : Unexpected token eos when expecting objEnd in {}

Thanks in advance.



You can use the continueOnError flag in your evalMetrics. E.g.

  continueOnError: true,

You can access the documentation about this field with c3ShowFunc(EvalMetricsSpec, 'continueOnError')

Cannot you fix the issue related to this ID?

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