Is there a way to list all of the different types of annotations that exist?


This question stems from the Platform Training Course in January, 2018.

I can see @matt 's excellent answer to how to look up an annotation if you know which annotation you seek more data on, but is there a way to list all of the annotations that exist, so that one may explore the annotations that one may be unaware of?


Documentation on annotations

I don’t think a UI feature exists for this yet, but in the C3 console you can see all the properties on C3.annotation (e.g. C3.annotation.Db)—Chrome will show you a list of auto-complete options, or you can log them:

Object.keys(C3.annotation).forEach(function(annotationName) {
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I am not sure if it list everything… but I find “Ann” to be very useful.


Then when I think a annotation type is what I might be looking for I can explore what parameters it has by adding a dot notation from Ann.