Is there a way to clean up memory usage without restart


Is it possible to free memory/force garbage collection from static console or is restarting the server the only way?



Memory should be automatically freed when it’s not used, this is the role of garbage collection. In other words, you should not interfer. If there is a need to restart server then it’s a sign of memory leak (i.e. bad thing)!

Note that requests from console (or UI) are directed to the master node, so if your requests are getting slower then your options to accelerate them are:

  • think of adding another master node, the load balancer will distribute requests between masters.
  • tunnel your requests to a worker node with c3Tunnel(worker_IP_address), when you’re done do c3Tunnel('')
  • store the results of your heavy queries/calculations on a separate type using batch jobs, then fetch from this type.