Is there a generic UI Component to edit C3 types?

I want to edit C3 type instances from the UI.
A typical use case would be to modify a Facility name very easily.

Is there a component like the C3.view.KendoGrid which lets you edit your (persistable) types?

Have you tried setting UIViewKendoGrid.editable to true?

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Thanks @sean.summers for pointing out this field, I didn’t pay attention to it.

I set it to true and I did get the toolbar for editing. I am also able to create a new Facility, but the corresponding row disappears on ‘Save changes’ (though a Facility is created in the DB).

I think it’s an issue specific to my setup; I’ll double check.

is there a UI component and C3 type associated to able to insert/edit/delete a calendar (days) on a facility? For example: MyBuilding Type -> Calendar Type (i don’t know if it exists a similar type) -> interface to set anything on a calendar day or on an interval (always about a specific Facility). I hope i was clear. Thanks.

Sorry i’m not quite understanding… you want a UI component that can be used to edit a “datetime” field on a Facility?

In general exactly.
I found UIViewCalendar, i think i can to adapt it.
Thank so much.
Francesco DG