Is it possible to to evaluate a metric using passed-in data?


Is there a way to evaluate a metric on passed-in data that has not been persisted?

In other words, in contrast to EvalMetricsWithMetadata (which passes in metric metadata at runtime) or variable bindings (which pass in values at runtime that can allow variables defined in the metric expression to take on those values), can one pass in an array of C3 type instances that have not yet been persisted to the platform?

My specific use case is defined by the need to pass in an array of timestamps and use the metric engine to create TimeSeries that are some window after each timestamp, I do not want to upsert these timestamps to a type in the environment.



I think to evalute a metric the underlying data has to be persisted, if you just want to create a Timeseries object from an array of objects then check this example: