Is it possible to force the locale


I’ve an app with two locales en and it. I want to set the it to be the default for a user, so that even he changes it to en in the next session it will be set back to it.

I’ve created a TenantConfig as follows in defaultLocale.json:

  "id" : "defaultLocale",
  "name" : "Default Locale",
  "value" : "it"

Also in the UIConfig, I did set the locale to it as follows in c3ui.json:

            . . .
            "locales": [
                    "id": "en",
                    "name": "English"
                    "id": "it",
                    "name": "Italiano"
            "locale": "it",
            . . .

But the locale is only set to it the first time, then whenever the user change it, it will stick to the new preference on future sessions.
Is there a way to force the locale to be it for all new sessions?


Not that I am aware of. This is a built-in feature of the C3 UI Framework—the user’s preferred locale should be remembered across sessions.