Is it possible to apply FetchSpec across types?

If I have 2 types that are unrelated in any way (no join fields or foreign keys or shared table) is it possible to do a fetch on both types with a valid FetchSpec specified?

Current work around is to apply the FetchSpec on the types individually and attempt to do some post processing but this can easily get very buggy with pagination (offset).

what do you mean same fetchspec? if both types have different fields then probably you cannot have same filter working for both types.

Let’s say there are common fields like name, meta.updated from Persistable

Can you describe a use case for this?

This is to satisfy a UX usecase which is attempting to create a “Global Search” like experience for the user. The search allows you to filter/sort on certain common properties (properties that are inherited from common mixed types, but not a common extended type).

No, if there isn’t any relationship between the types, there isn’t a way to issue a single fetch that brings back both.