InvalidationQueueFilterSpec targetTenantTagId Does Nothing?

This question is similar to that found at View queue status across all tenants and tags

According to the documentation for InvalidationQueue.count and InvalidationQueue.countAll:

If called from the c3/c3 tenant/tag, then the count from all tenants/tags will be included. If called from any other tenant/tag, then only those queue entries for that tenant/tag will be counted, unless a different tenant/tag is specified in the filter.

Since we do not have access to c3/c3, the second part looks promising, except that it does not work.

BatchQueue.count({targetTenantTagId: 5}) will return the count for the current tenant/tag not for the one represented by tenantTagId of 5, even though that is a valid tag to which I have access.
Have also tried explicitly using InvalidationQueueFilterSpec.make and sending that, rather than an implicit object, and it made no difference.

So is the documentation wrong? Or incomplete (it does not mention any special permissions)? Or is there a bug? Or am I just doing it wrong? Or something else?

Any other way to monitor queues? Our cluster has 20+ tags set up with vanity urls, and having 20+ browser windows open and looking at each is not a feasible way to monitor things or try to find which tag may be causing problems.

@mjlovell I would say the documentation is not entirely accurate. You are not able to see queue entries outside of the calling tenant/tag so it is ignored when you do. If called from c3/c3, then it is used. Please file a ticket for the documentation clarification.