Inconsistencies with manually upserting models into the C3 Platform



A peculiarity I have noticed is that when I manually upsert models into the platform; generally it works but for jobs which take ~ 25 - 30 minutes to upsert (~1M) risk scores, I will receive an error “No JSON object could be decoded.”

I have tried to recreate this multiple times and it is inconsistent; sometimes it appears and sometimes it does not.

Has anyone else experienced this?

The code that has been used to manually upsert in batch sizes of 1,000 is below:

start_time =
for idx in range(len(wells_list)):
for i in xrange(len(well_batch[idx])/1000):
c3.RiskScore.mergeBatch(well_batch[idx][(i1000) : (i1000+1000)])
c3.RiskScore.mergeBatch(well_batch[idx][(len(well_batch[idx])/1000*1000) : (len(well_batch[idx]))])

time_elapsed = - start_time
print(‘Time elapsed for upload ( {}’.format(time_elapsed))



apologies. I refer to risk scores when I have said models