Incompatible state detected .. newBucketInterval, existingBucketInterval


I’m loading data using SourceFile.processAll(‘status==“initial”’, async: true)

As I monitor the invalidation queues: c3Grid(InvalidationQueue.countAll())

I’m seeing that some tasks are being marked as “failed” on the DataLoadQueue row

Using c3QErrs(DataLoadQueue, 100), I see:

Incompatible state detected during indexing for type=... ,pk=... ,newBucketInterval=DAY,existingBucketInterval=MONTH

What does this mean, and what should I do next? How can I fix this?


I have observed this if the data points is loaded before the time series header. One way to solve this would be to serialize the operation. You should also raise a ticket for this to be natively handled in the data load engine


Yeah, serializing won’t work for ongoing data loads. This violates our guiding principle of being insensitive to sequence of data loads. We should file a ticket.