Including images in Template

I’m using the Template type to store HTML code that is used in the body of emails.

I have an image (.png) saved in the src folder that I’d like to include within the template.
Is it possible to reference this image from within the template, and is src the correct location for storing the image?

my template in seed:

   "id": "emailHTML",
   "name": "Template for email body",
   "template": "<img src=\"email_banner.png\"><br><br>Anomaly detected .<br><br>....

You can put images in a package/ui/content/assets/images folder, and then you should be able to access it with "/assets/images/email_banner.png"


Hi Niki, that didn’t seem to work unfortunately. I’m not getting any provisioning error, but still don’t have an image in the sent mails.
Also confirmed that my outlook settings enable image downloads.

Hm sorry that didn’t work! Can you try just using a URL to an image and seeing how that turns out so we can try to figure out where exactly things aren’t working? You can just do something like src=

If that works, then I imagine you can probably link to images you have stored in S3

The URL works as expected and the image appears in the mail.
I’m experimenting with uploading the image to our blob storage and linking to it from there.

@m-a.hameed Did that work?