Impersonation involving EVERYONE?


I have been getting this error for a few weeks now:

15:33 $ c3-prov key -u $USERNAME -e $HOSTNAME -T ****
Stored user $USERNAME in /Users/.../.c3/c3-rsa....user
Error while provisioning key for $USERNAME: User 'EVERYONE' (Identity anonymous) is not authorized to access Target [c3/c3/UserAdmin?action=setPublicKey], roles: [DefaultAccessRole]
Time taken: 0m 2.928s

Can I fix it myself?


We also experience this when running tests from Jenkins. The DefaultAccessGroup lacks a permission on an API called by the tester and it fails.

I am not sure why we are authenticated as EVERYONE though. I am going to do further testing from my local c3-node-tester to see if I get the same error.


I think EVERYONE is the User with id AnonymousUser. Your user with id $USERNAME must be somehow impersonated as AnonymousUser.


EVERYONE and AnonymousUser are not really the same user. How do you get the token that you are passing in the -T option? EVERYONE is just a placeholder member that is not used anymore, what version of the server are you running?


We are mostly using v7.6.1. I started getting the error after a potential overload: I had used my account for Jenkins tests and at one point there was a huge number of connections. We then started using user ‘jenkins’ and recovered from all but this problem. Recently, we started seeing the error during Jenkins tests, not all the time but in two different projects now (not sure if in the same cluster).