Images resources for documentation


I wrote some documentation for my package, it has some pictures. Where you I put my .c3doc and my .png files?



Please see the InDepth documentation called “Authoring Documentation” .

In short, put docs under package/src/doc and images for documentation under package/src/doc/image. Using @image to link to images in your doc

Links and Images

Finally, links to types and fields use the J*Doc “@link” annotation such as:
\{@link DocumentationSearcher#searchTypes}.
Note that this link is by type name, which is globally unique.

Images can also be linked using the “@image” annotation:
\{@image doc/img/documentation-searcher.png}.
Note that this path is relative to the type file that contains the comment.
In this example, the comment referes to “documentation-searcher.png” within the “doc/img” sub-directory
of the directory containing the .c3typ file with the comment.