I'm getting this error , what does that mean?


SqlConnectionException: Unsupported value type 2005 for a unique column PARENT_X



This means the database column is defined as a CLOB, which is something we don’t do (we use TEXT for clob fields). Where did this database get created and is it PG?



A little more context here:

I was creating this type in Postgres:

@db(index=[‘parent’, ‘name’])
extendable entity type RiskScoreHistory mixes ScoreHeader, TimedDataHeader schema name ‘RSH’

Note that none of those types have a field called parent. (I forgot to remove it).

Then I would have a remix under test/ folder:
remix type RiskScoreHistory {
parent: GenericSource

I did not have any error during provisioning but when I tried to upsert instances in that type.

After removing the index annotation it worked.