How to view raw data from S3 underpinning File data type without indexing


I have a type called WellStreamMeasurement that mixes FileTimedDataPoint (resides on S3). Loaded a whole lot of data and trying to validate that the data is now indeed in the type system prior to indexing.

When I look at the files via S3.listFiles(), I see the files for the type. so far, so good.

When I then run c3Grid(WellStreamMeasurement.fetch({filter: “parent == ‘CFE001.Available Power’”, limit:-1})). no content is returned. however the S3.listFiles shows a content length of 344 . I expect to see data.

Do I need a special way to get the contents of the file in a viewable format?



When I run the following:


I can see the data in the file. By drilling down, I can open each record and look at the discrete values in the actual file.