How to set a field to null/empty for all instances of an entity type?

Let’s say the type is

entity type XYZ schema name 'XYZ' {
  fieldA: string

What command do I run to set fieldA to be null/empty for all instances of XYZ?

Persistable#mergeAll might be what you’re looking for.

Can you try something like:

XYZ.mergeAll({}, { include: 'fieldA' })

Note that mergeAll's spec argument requires the include field if you want to write null values. You can also pass a filter in the spec, but omit that if you want to write to all objects.


This works for string, but not for boolean. A boolean field will remain to be false. Any workaround? Since we don’t support “tri-state” booleans (i.e. null and false are intended to be semantically equivalent), why exactly would you want to do that.