How to redirect SSO logout to a specific URL


When a customer is logged in with SSO and clicks the Logout button, they want to be taken to a specific URL after being logged out. Do we have a way of doing this?


For context, I assume this is the way you were thinking to execute the logout: Is there a Type System API to call to logout/terminate a c3 session explicitly?

However, I am not certain that you can then navigate to another page following the navigation to that url outlined in the above Community post…

However, I imagine you could set up something like this:
Log Out Button on the UI does the following:

  1. opens the C3 logout url in a new window/tab.
  2. in the existing window/tab, redirects the user to the appropriate url that the application dictates.Alternatively, can you just create an api call to the logout url via a REST type implementation that’s executed by the button click, and then have the button click also follow a certain link to a different url.

@garnaiz: any thoughts?



So I found out if I make a network request for


Then that works when I use the application. However, since the application is using SSO (and I’m a little fuzzy on the details of that how that works), it takes them to an error page with the url:


So it is like I need a way to prevent the SSO container from trying to redirect the link. Do you know anything about how this works?


That redirect link would be auto-generated by the Platform.

If you want to customize it, @garnaiz is in the best place to advise as to how that can be supported either now, or in the future.