How to pass multiple parameters to another page


What are valid parameters that I can use in a link?

For example, I use:
“link”: “/dummyContent/dummyPage?id={{ dummyArg1 }}&myParam={{ dummyArg2 }}”

From the linked page, ‘’ has correct dummyArg1 but ‘params.myParam’ is empty. The UI documentation for ‘validParams’ does not list any valid parameters.


These are some of valid params you can use:
‘id’, ‘app’, ‘page’, ‘activeTabs’, ‘dashboardFilter’, ‘dashboardMetric’, ‘metadataPath’, ‘targetTypeName’


@maximuschoi Do you recall where you got this list of valid parameters? Is it possible to pass in arbitrary params?


@akatkinson If I recall correctly, I found them from the base UI code, and it was not possible to pass arbitrary params. C3 UI developers can probably provide more up-to-date information.


Those are from the ValidPageParams enum type, which you should be able to remix if you want to add more.


Thanks @maximuschoi @henry.hsieh, just what I was looking for!