How to mark errors as reviewed in InvalidationQueue?


I know we can use clear() to clear the data from BatchQueue, JmsDataLoadQueue or other queues.
How do I mark a certain error as Reviewed? this refers to the errors count provided in the column “unreviewedFailed” of InvallidationQueue.countAll() which can be checked using errors() function.



From the api perspective, InvalidationQueue.setErrorsReview is what marks errors as reviewed. I assume there is some UI to actually review the errors but I don’t know what that is. @jakewhitcomb


Our Workload Manager tool has a beta feature for reviewing errors, marking errors reviewed, and recovering or clearing reviewed errors. Workload Manager is part of the Platform Administration tools. To check your access to this tool, you can try visiting this URL: https:///platformAdmin/queues

In Workload Manager, click on the Queue that has errors, then select Failed Actions.