How to kill a SourceFile.syncAll job initiated with process set to true



I’ve ran a syncAll to test historical data load performance, I am not aware of the no of files in the Azure container I am pulling data from, only an estimate on the size of the data that’s gonna be loading.
I’ve initiated this SourceFile.syncAll, with process attribute set to true, now I want to abort that operation and purge the queues.

I’ve seen that using JMS.purgeQueues(), we can purge the entries off a queue.
But when the syncAll is initiated with process set to true, how to abort that action and queues?



The best option is to pause the JmsDataLoadQueue and kill the SourceFile.syncAll action.

The next best thing would be - pause the JmsDataLoadQueue, let the SourceFile.syncAll action complete and then purge the queues using JMS.purgeQueues(). If you pause JmsDataLoadQueue, files processing should stop.


Okay, when you quote “kill the SourceFile.syncAll action.” can you suggest the command to do so?


Look at this post - Killing long running actions

If you are using latest version of the server, you need to have elevated permissions to kill the actions.


Thank you, I always follow the same approach for killing an action from cluster actiondump.

Since there were many actions, I’ve actually paused the queues, and used clear() to remove the actions.
Which is fine, but from the clusterAction when I am trying to interrupt an action it says "Could not find the action:<id>", but I see the same in the list.

What can be done to clear those actions?


Are you tunneling to that node?


Hi Venkat,

Yeah I was tunneling to the node, but however, I see other data loads are fine so I’m assuming its gonna take time to drain from actionDump().

But however,
Pausing Queues => <QueueName>.clear() => wait till actionDump() drains
The above steps in that order did work, so I am gonna assume that’s what I need to do if I need to kill a syncAll action.

Thank you for all the suggestions.