How to get types python?


What is the correct syntax for calling MyType.get("my_id") in python via c3 remote?


returns the following error:

C3RuntimeException: 400 - BadField - [9024.148]
message: "Required argument missing for function MyType.get: this"
JSON: {'include': 'my_id'}

Server version is 7.8.8.


Here is the correct syntax:



I actually prefer:

Member functions are nice, use them :slight_smile:


I am now working on the platform, and have a python method defined on a type. The method calls c3.MyType(id="my_id").get() and returns the following error:

TypeError: 'C3Type' object is not callable.

What is causing this discrepancy, and what is the correct syntax to use?

Server version is 7.8.8.



"One potential difference between using c3remote and running on server is the “type” of connection you are getting:
c3remote in a notebook always gets the full type (remote-types) connection
python method in a server gets the connection type that’s specified in the py-env (i.e. may not be remote-types) "

I added the following line to the runtime definition I am using in package.json and fixed the issue: