How to generate source types for XML?


I have an XML file with deeply nested elements. In order for the platform to understand how to parse it, I need to create source types. Can the platform generate source types based on an XML file?

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Load XML after creating types form inferType


  1. Curl your file to the environment (likely to be in S3)

  2. Get the curled file as a S3File type or File type. For example:
    var myFile = S3.listFiles().at("files")[1]

  3. Use inferType API to get source types. For example:

  4. Download the C3 type files.
    How to write contents of inferred types to C3 type files?

Please read documentation of the methods before using the examples!



To be clear inferType method takes InferTypeSpec as input - @see c3ShowType(InferTypeSpec) for more details