How to Find & Create Documentation Categories


I am getting the following warning when provisioning my package:

lineNum:2,colNum:0,severity:"WARNING",message:"Unknown documentation category 'Package ReadMe'.",

I know I can go here to find a list of Categories that exist already and reference them, but what if I want to create a new category, such as “Package ReadMe” which will contain an overview of every package that an organization builds–Is there a way I can create my own Documentation Category?

P.S. This article is a great reference for all things documentation: https://ENVIRONMENT_URL/api/1/TENANT/TAG/documentation/topic/authoring-documentation


You probably did not know about the other documentation doc called ‘documentation-features’ which contains this message:

In the documentation site, topics and types are broken down into “categories”. For example the topic below is in the “Tutorial” category because of the declaration at the top:

Title: How to Do Something
Category: Tutorial

The set of categories are defined by the instances of DocumentationCategory provisioned in the current tag.

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