How to display timeseries data for different time-zone?


Measurement data is loaded with UTC timestamps (i.e. 12:00:00.000Z). I like to display/graph the result of evalMetric in a different time zone. For example, Italy time is UTC+2.
Specifying timeZone: “+02:00” to evalMetric spec did not work. FYI, the application is running on ver 7.2. What would be the best way to display timeseries data in a different time-zone?


  1. The data is always recommended to be loaded in the source time zone (e.g. if meter is in italy and timezone is UTC+2 then data should be loaded in UTC+2)
  2. Setting the timeZone : “+02:00” should give you results in that zone. This feature was added in v7.5 (I think)