How to disable (temporarily) an Analytic


I would like to disable a specific Analytic and the underlying DFEs for some time.

I suspect I can do the following:

  • Remove the analytic + DFE definitions from source code
  • provision/deploy
  • refresh metricDeps via a tag rebuild
  1. Can someone please confirm or add steps I missed?

  2. It seems cumbersome (especially if I want to use that Analytic again later), is there a more temporary solution, i.e. a config somewhere? (In my mind, if we could remove the appropriate metric dependencies, that’d do the trick, but I am open to other ideas)


PS: Additional notes if it’s helpful:

  1. I would like to avoid disabling the entire Queue.
  2. I also would like to avoid computing the DFE leading to that Analytic, as one of them is pretty computationally intensive.

Useful TenantConfig keys

You can enable certain analytics by setting the “ACE-AnalyticWhitelist” tenant tag.


TenantConfig.upsert({"id": "ACE-AnalyticWhitelist", value:"Analytic1, Analytic2..."})

Here’s the small doc from AnalyticsContainer.c3typ
ACE-AnalyticWhitelist : config to limit the analytics considered for execution. value is comma seperated list of analytic names.

Create a new Alert for high consumption - ServicePoint level

@rohit.sureka The question was regarding disabling an analytic, but the ACE-AnalyticWhiteList is used to enable analytics. Must to clarify: does this mean that, if this record is present in TenantConfig, that only those analytics included will be able to run, and all others will be disabled?


@akatkinson Unfortunately there isn’t a analyticblacklist. You are right. If this record is present in TenantConfig and the list is not empty or null, only analytics included will be able to run.


Hi, I’m trying to disable Analytics except one. I launched from the console the command:
TenantConfig.upsert({"id": "ACE-AnalyticWhiteList", value:"ConsumptionTooHighServicePointAlert"})

But it seems not work, because I see that all the others Analytics are still executed…have I to execute some refresh or something else?

Thanks! Laura


How do I disable all analytics? Can I use the tenant config and add a dummy entry?


You have to modify the ACE-AnalyticGroups entry , listing the name of the Analytics that you want to ENABLE. Like :

TenantConfig.merge({id:“ACE-AnalyticGroups”, jsonValue:{
“All”: [“ANALYTIC_1”,“ANALYTIC_2”]

To revert this configuration :

TenantConfig.merge({id:“ACE-AnalyticGroups”, jsonValue:{
“All”: “*”


Does this mean that there must be at least one active analytic? I get an error if I bind “All” to [].


In 7.8.2,fixed bug with TenantConfig ACE-AnalyticWhitelist. If you list analytic Name “NONE”/dummy name, no analytic will be run. empty is treated as all valid.


Good to know. I tried in 7.6 but it complained about an unknown name.


@AlexBakic you must set “*” without “”, like

TenantConfig.merge({id:“ACE-AnalyticGroups”, jsonValue:{
“All”: “*”


Yes, but that means “enable all” whereas I want to disable all.


Ah ok, I didn’t understand. I don’t know if is possible, have you try to delete the jsonValue completely?