How to connect to SQL Server on DS Server?

We have a Python Class that wraps on pyodbc and helps us connect Python to SQL Server. I have read the c3 Data Virtualization documentation, but I am not sure how to apply that to my work in the Data Science Notebook. Do we have to create the Data Virtualization packages on static console?

It would be great to connect SQL Server to the Data Science Notebook, as I don’t need a workaround to extract and load data from our SQL databases.

C3 Data Virtualization requires you to configure types, SqlSourceSystems and SqlSourceCollections in order to connect the C3 AI Suite to Microsoft SQL Server. Once the application configuration is complete, you can access SQL Server via the type system (e.g. MyType.fetch()). There is no need to for pyodbc or to extract and load data from your SQL Databases.

You will need to add the data virtualization configuration to your existing application package (or create a new package) and then deploy that configuration to your environment.


Thank you for the quick response. And the much needed step-by-step. Since we don’t have the C3 AI Suite, is there a current way to connect Data Science Server to Microsoft SQL Server?