How to check queue for processing curled files



I’ve curled some data into my own tag, and I see that it’s been successfully received via the UploadLog.
It’s a small dataset, and I have yet to see it moved to the ProcessedLog.

How do I see where the file in the queue for processing?



@Aaron_Butler solved this one for me: c3Grid(InvalidationQueue.countAll())

I can now see that my data has been moved to the unreviewedFailed queue and is hanging out there.

How would I find out what this queue is for?


So it sounds like there are some queue entries with the unreviewedFailed status—I’m assuming this is for the JmsDataLoadQueue, but you can see the queue errors via the .errors() API: c3Grid(JmsDataLoadQueue.errors())


c3Grid(DataLoadUploadLog.fetch()) showed that there was upload success and that processLogStatus and Status were on “processing”

This JmsDataLoadQueue was not in error the file successfully uploaded and was just hanging with the status in process.

The issue was the JmsDataLoadQueue was “stuck”… blimey XP


So if your reading this its because your data pipeline has a “fat-berg” stuck in it the solution to plunge your “stuck” JmsDataLoadQueue is


It was in the ChangeLogQueue. But it sounds like there were multiple errors happening, as Aaron has said.